26 October 2010

Mega-doofy. Times infinity!

Do you remember Arthur? It is actually still airing, and you can even watch old episodes on YouTube!

This was an amazing discovery for me, since most of the other PBS shows I used to watch (and love!) and learn English from have long since been retired.

My favorite, Wishbone, was culled ages ago, though I think some stations may still be airing reruns. (Which would be awesome if that were true.) I do believe Joe has the dubious honor of being my first-ever celebrity(?) crush. At the tender age of, what, nine? But you know what, not trying to pick fights or anything, but Joe was loads better than Troy or Edward. Just sayin'.

ANYWAY. I digress. A lot. (Why didn't you stop me?)

Professor Pacelli of the Williams Math/Stats Department, also known as Allie of Zucchero Dolce, is hosting Sugar High Friday for October. This month's theme: layer cakes.

Yes, the deadline is today, what of it. I had exams to study for, okay?

Note that this is my first attempt at a layer cake -- the mouse cake doesn't really count -- so, uh, please keep the mockery to a minimum?



Well, but you are allowed to laugh.

Because, how could you not?

I couldn't possibly begrudge you that.

It would be too mean.


Really, go on. Laugh. It's good for you.

I didn't realize just how much the cake was tilting until I started to frost it. Of course, I could have just leveled it with frosting, but my conscience wouldn't allow it.

Besides, I am still laughing.

11 October 2010

"Some pursue happiness; others create it"

Let me tell something to you: an alternate spelling for pure happiness.


It's one of those simple pleasures that never fails to add a dash of color to my day -- even more than the bright yellow tablecloth currently adorning our dining room table.

Add to that the perfect late summer/early fall weather we've had in DC the past few days, and I could almost forgive myself for being nuts enough to come back to school. Plus there's the perk of living in a place where the lesser holidays, e.g., Columbus Day, are actually observed, resulting in the occasional three-day weekend. Win!

09 October 2010

Anthems that winds and fountains sing

Happy Mountain Day yesterday to all you wonderful Williams folks -- and I know there are a lot of you out there!

It was an absolutely gorgeous day here in DC, too, but alas, Georgetown doesn't have Mountain Day. How lame. That's what I get for going to a school in a city. Well, the beautiful weather is supposed to hold for the whole three-day weekend, so hopefully I'll be able to get in a good long run or two.

So, the second med course is over! It still remains to be seen just how much it kicked my butt, but at least I'm done with it. We started a couple of the grad courses this week -- the "lite" versions of immunology/microbiology and gross anatomy -- which are supposed to be a bit less intense than the med courses have been so far. Impeccable timing, since my eye has been hurting lately, which means I haven't been getting enough sleep.

Of course the obvious remedy for chronic dry eyes is staying up late to scrub down the kitchen and bake scones. - -;;